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I was born and raised in Portland and value the wonderful diversity Portland has to offer. I love seeing all the people walking their dogs around the city.  I’ve been asked, “What made you open up Show Dogs?” I hadn’t really thought about the answer other than, I love dogs.  I knew I’d have to come up with a better answer than that. It was too vague, it was too simple, people wanted to know more than thatSo I had to go back to the very beginning to tell exactly why I decided to open up Show Dogs.  It’s all because of my Aunt Teresa Hornbuckle-Feng, Show Dogs was open in her honor.


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Growing up I had an aunt who lived next door who had just gotten a puppy.  Every day I would go next door to play with the puppy after school. One day my Aunt Teresa looked at me and saw how much I loved this puppy and she said “You can have him, take him home.” I took my new puppy home, without asking my parents of course, well we only lived next door,  and put him in a box next to my bed.  I remember my brother and sister were so excited.  Then my dad came home and said “We can’t keep that puppy.” The puppy ended up at my dad’s friend’s house, then one day Poppy showed up at our house, he had found his way back to our house all by himself! He found his way back to me.  That’s when I found out that a dog could love. I also found out that a dog and a little girl could have a bond so strong that it could make a puppy find his way back to her. Thus began my love for dogs, it all started with Poppy. Now I have Redd, Pepper, Bailey, Joc, Brownie and many puppies that I’ve given to family and friends.  I love them all, and I know I will always have a dog or dogs in my life. I was trying to figure out what I could do for the rest of my life, what kind of business could I go into and not get tired of it and like a vision it came to me, dogs.

 I began talking with my friend Terrell and we decided to open up Show Dogs.  It gets better, I drive by Lombard as I do every day, all of a sudden I look to my right and bingo, there’s a building for lease. I wanted the shop to be somewhere convenient and I found the perfect location.  Now I’ve got Terrell, and now the building, this is really going to happen.  We added some wonderful people who love dogs and cats to our staff and not only that, they can groom and bathe your dog to perfection. So now we’re up and running and things are going well.  I wanted a place that would serve the animal community. I wanted a place where dogs and cats would get the spa-like treatments they deserve. I wanted a place where dogs and cats would leave out looking and feeling their best.  I named it Show Dogs because I feel that after leaving our salon your dog will look like a show dog, meaning you can “show” them off.  I owe it all to my Aunt Teresa, who also loved dogs and had dogs until she passed away.  I dedicate Show Dogs to her memory and the memories she gave me by giving me my first puppy Poppy who is the reason why I love dogs to this day. 

Corina Owens, Owner